What is the SAE AeroConnect Challenge™?

Through the SAE AeroConnect Challenge™ universities will think critically about emerging technology issues relevant to the connected aircraft industry. Teams of university students will design and develop, conceptually, an Urban Air Mobility System in response to an airport in California’s request for proposal for upgrade to current mobility. Immersed in the SAE International’s AeroTech Digital Summit, universities will present their solution in various ways including a technical design presentation and a showcase opportunity on SAE International’s AeroTech Digital Summit Event.

The SAE AeroConnect Challenge 2022 Mission

Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) is seeking proposals for an Urban Air Mobility (UAM) solution to provide comfortable, efficient, and rapid “last mile” passenger transportation from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to destinations throughout the Los Angeles basin. The following are the primary objectives of the new transportation system:

  • Safety: Passenger safety is paramount. The transit system must provide enough redundancy such that the passengers feel safe and protected.
  • Reliability: The vehiclemust be able to support continuous operation for an “on duty” service period of 3 hours. During the on-duty period, the vehicle shall be assumed to be airborne unless on-ground for 10 minute charging/loading/unloading operations.
  • Autonomy: The vehicle shall be designed for fully autonomous operation. A staffed ground-based dispatch center will remotely oversee operation and will provide routing.
  • Throughput: The vehicle shall be capable of transporting at least 4 persons weighing up to 250 pounds each, with 50 pounds of luggage each.
  • Technology: The vehicle must include the latest autonoumous transport technologies, including collision avoidance.

Download the 2022 Rules - coming soon!