Contest in Member Connection to Celebrate Recognition Day 6/26

6/18/2020 4:51:02 PM ET   SAE Emerging Technology Series

SAE is Celebrating Recognition Day!

From June 26th-June 29th the SAE team will be running a contest in Member Connection to celebrate Recognition Day!

On Friday, June 26th, members and volunteers will be asked to provide a response (written or video) to the following question:
Why are you proud to be a volunteer in SAE? Tell us, either as a student or professional, what volunteer experiences have brought you the most satisfaction either personally or professionally and what drives you to continue to volunteer?

This opportunity is open to everyone -- students, professionals, members, and non-members -- in the Open Forum.
The prize is a pair of men’s and women’s Oakley sunglasses (the winner will receive both). The winner will be announced on Tuesday, June 30th at noon EST. The thread will be closed until Friday, June 26th.