12 Days of CDS

12/7/2020 1:21:57 PM ET   SAE Emerging Technology Series

Join us for 12 Days of CDS -Dec 10- Dec 22

Let’s have a bit of fun before we head into the 2021 competition season! We know how much fun everyone had with the QuaranTeam Challenge, so we are bringing you another social media challenge, this time with giveaways every day!
Starting this Thursday, the Collegiate Design Series (CDS) will be posting daily giveaways on our Baja SAE, Formula SAE, SAE Aero Design, and AutoDrive Challenge Facebook Pages. The giveaways will vary from day to day and will require students to complete an activity or challenge for the chance to win the giveaway item(s). Some activities will require you to get creative (and sometimes even silly) to complete. These giveaways will be posted on the different CDS Facebook pages and will be required to follow the instructions given in each daily post in the apps/facebook.

How to participate:
• Download the AeroConnect app
• Make sure that your app notifications are turned on!
• Check your app on Thursday 12/10 for the first official giveaway!
• Like each of our CDS Competition Facebook Pages

Who can participate?

  1. Team members currently registered for any 2021 CDS & ETS events.

How will it be scored?

  1. There will be no scoring for this. Unlike the QuaranTeam Challenge these giveaways will be at random allotted for a certain number of winners each day. Are you feeling lucky?

Other Details:

  1. Some challenges will have deadlines, some will not. Each challenge will have the time frame outlined in the daily posts’ instructions.
  2. You do not have to complete each challenge to participate.
  3. There will not be multiple challenges each day- 1 per day
  4. Some giveaways will be at random and some will be the first # of people to complete the activity. Be sure to pay attention to the instructions.
  5. All giveaway items will be mailed out after the 12 days of over and after the US holidays.
  6. This is an induvial challenge, not a team challenge like the QuaranTeam challenge. No Hashtags needed!
  7. Have fun!