2020 Virtual Event Frequently Asked Questions

2020 Season Questions

Q: Where can I find competition information, changes and updates?

Q: Why is the event being transitioned to a virtual event?

  • A: We have made the choice to transition all non-dynamic event participation to a virtual platform for the purpose of maintaining the significant educational components that participation in SAE Collegiate Design Series events provides.

Q: How will teams be expected to participate in static events?

  • A: Currently the Collegiate Design Series team is working to establish guidelines that will be distributed to all teams regarding the expectation of virtual static events and how they will be held.

Q: How should we continue to work as a team with our University/Governments restrictions?

  • A: We recommend that teams work together through online platforms such as, Google Hangouts, Skype, Facetime etc. SAE International and the Collegiate Design Series do NOT encourage student teams to go against your University’s imposed restrictions or your local Government’s current quarantine/guidelines. Your team should not be meeting to video, fly your plane or to collaborate as a group physically for any reason.

Q: I have aleady graduated can I still take part in the Virtual part and Sponsor engagements?

  • A: Yes, students and recent graduates can still participate in the virtual event. Any student that has graduated during or after December 2019 is welcome to participate.

Q: Do I need to be an SAE member to participate in the Virtual Event?

  • A: Yes, you should still have an active membership with SAE International.

Q: When will we have final details on the Virtual Event?

  • A: The Collegiate Design Series team is working diligently to finalize the virtual event and will roll out more details to you and your team as soon as we possibly can. Please stay up to date on newsfeed posts and the mobile app the latest updates.

Q: Will awards still be given for the 2020 season?

  • A: Yes, the Collegiate Design Series is evaluating how to still distribute awards to top performing teams of static events.

Q: Will we still get our CDS event giveaway stuff/swag?

  • A: Yes! We will be contacting teams soon for shipping addresses for event items such as the t-shirts, giveaway items, etc.

Q: If the COVID-19 pandemic clears up prior to any of the events regularly scheduled dates, will SAE and the Collegiate Design Series move forward with holding these events the way that they were originally planned?

  • A: No, we will be moving forward with a virtual event season regardless of how COVID-19 progresses over the next few months.

Q: Can I get a refund on my travel?

  • A: Many airlines are offering change fee waivers for booked airfare. Many hotels are also being extra lenient during this unprecedented time. Please contact your travel provider for their currently established fee and cancellation policies.

2021 Season Questions

Q: Will the 2021 events be in the same location as the 2020 events?

  • A: The Collegiate Design Series team is working with current and future organizers to finalize the 2021 schedule. As soon as the schedule is finalized, it will be announced on the newsfeed.

Q: How does this Virtual Event impact my teams design in 2021?

  • A: We will still be releasing 2021 rulesets this summer. We do not want this to impact your team’s creativity and innovation next year. We encourage students to always push forward with their designs.